BoBIE 4th Anniversary Celebration

Chino Hills, CA  -  January 24, 2015  -  Empire Bikes

The Butts on Bikes Inland Empire cycling club commemorated their 4th year anniversary with a celebration hosted by Empire Bikes in Chino Hills, CA on a beautiful Saturday evening, January 24, 2015.    This year’s BoBie birthday party had plenty of generous seating, tons of food to partake in, our own huge space in the parking lot to roam around, and of course music and DJ services provided by 2 of BoBie’s own – collaborating to provide the tunes for this great event.

The atmosphere was chill, fun, and casual in front of Empire Bikes, while our speakers blared the tracks and sounds towards the mingling crowd of BoBies in the parking lot in front of us.  Definitely next year a dance floor should be coned off!  The bike shop remained open throughout the evening as passers-by checked out what was going on, and party members went in and out of the shop to view the video slide show or check out the new bikes.

Personally we would like to thank Rocky and his team led by Corey at Empire Bikes  for hosting the event – and thanks to Keith and Janet for creating a great group called the Bobies, happy 4th birthday to the club and many more!

Some of the comments from this past event are as follows:

Happy birthday bobies!!! We had a nice time there seeing and talking to everyone. Thanks keith and Janet – Gloria Alvarez Arellanes

Had a great time chatting with all the BOBIEs at the celebration. Thank you Keith and Janet for making the BOBIEs awesome :)  – Jackie Margo

ENJOYABLE!!!! Great in all aspects. — Beatriz

Enjoyed playing “who dat?” no helmet, no sunglasses, no spandex, no bike…. who dat??? Smile and voice recognition software initiated… no problem! Great peeps and Empire bikes great place– Janet, Keith, Rock & his gang– thanks for being host and hostess with the most-est. Chatty racers and mechanics from Empire, store opened so you can play with the toys. Nice cycle family event. Russell and Alvin music men played some dance tunes, but me thinks the cycle family legs only know how to pedal… no booty shakers here… Paul– you should have brought G! 800 + pictures on the slide show…goodness gracious, BOBIES sure ride a lot. *grin*   – Lin

Big Thanks to Corey Diez for doing such a fantastic job of coordinating this 4th Bday bash for the BOBies. Thanks also to Rock Sanchez for covering this over the top celebration. Thanks to both Matt’s for helping to set everything up. The food was delish, Thx also for the refreshments. It was lots of fun seeing everyone in their street clothes. Thanks to Alvin and Russell for the sounds. Big Thanks to Corey for the slide show. I am so glad you all came. Next year….watch out….even better.
Good to see new folks and some I have not seen in a while.  –
Keith Berg

Thank you Janet & Keith for everything you do to keep the BOBies growing and rollin’ successfully. Extra special thank you’s to Empire Bikes for hosting yet another very nice BOBie event. So good to see everyone, and Russell and Alvin…thanks for music…very nice touch!   —  Kim Taylor

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