August Birthday Event at Hidden Valley

Norco, CA – August 2, 2014 – Hidden Valley Golf Club

Pro-Style Sound covered the cocktail, dinner and dance music as well as the event lighting at the beautiful golf course restaurant Villa Amalfi at Hidden Valley Golf Club in Norco, CA on a warm Saturday on August 2nd, 2014.   What was there to celebrate? Another 40th birthday bash! This banquet style event with a “party glow” ambience included access to a cocktail area and a large patio for scenic views of the Hidden Valley golf course which was just magnificent. The evening’s agenda was quite simple – show up and get ready to party! Since we moved through the evening pretty smoothly, which included cocktails, dinner, and a few toasts – the next item was for everyone to sing happy birthday to Jerami Shoeman as the cake was cut. It was only 8:15PM and to our surprise, at this point in the evening, the only thing next was for everyone to get their “groove” on. At this juncture, the floor was opened up to dancing, and knowing this party was ending at midnight we had to make sure this dance floor was moving for almost the next 4 hours! Simply put, this was again a great performance, where we had everyone off of their chairs and on the dance floor.   It was our longest period we’ve ever had to cover open dancing at an event or reception, and it was absolutely amazing.   Whether it was top 40, dance, hip hop or old school, there was plenty of time for all the dancing that occurred.   A dance circle opened up later in the evening that included a dance battle among the guests, which was a great sight to see and included even one of the party-goers break-dancing!   Again, happy 40th to Jerami from Pro-Style Sound.

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