Debutante Ball at Sierra Lakes Country Club

Fontana, CA – July 11, 2014 – Sierra Lakes Country Club

On a warm Friday evening on the 11th of July, 2014 – a beautiful and talented high school graduate celebrated her 18th birthday in grand fashion at her magnificent debutante ball, flanked by her amazing court of her closest friends and cousins.   Mari Alexandra Reyes  deserved to be the center of attention that evening at the beautiful Sierra Lakes Golf Country Club in Fontana, CA.   For the debutante and her court, much time and effort was spent in practicing their waltz, as well as their hip hop routines – all the practice definitely paid dividends.   The banquet room was as elegant as can be for a debutante, with up-lighting to push that elegance even further.  All the excitement was building up from the grand entrance which set the tone of the party, to the hip hop routines performed by the debutante’s court which carried the hype through to the open dancing.  The reason why, is because after all of the formalities of a timeline a DJ has to follow to make sure a production like this runs smooth, everyone can let loose during open dancing!

That is what a Pro-Style Sound party feels like when everyone is on the dance floor, and yet again at Mari Alexandra’s 18th!  Special thanks to guest MC Fernie, and DJ Jemy for being part of the production that evening.  Special thanks to my niece Mari Alexandra and her parents Cristina and Arturo Reyes for allowing us to be a big part of this celebration!  At every event, we feel like we’re family – and this one, literally was no exception.


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