Ringin’ in 2014 – Great Gatsby Style

Corona, CA – December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!  Pro-Style Sound provided the music entertainment at another event, this time during New Year’s Eve in Corona, CA.  We carried the ambiance and mood of the evening in “roaring 20′s” fashion, at a Great Gatsby-themed New Year’s Eve party that delighted all 120+ guests in attendance.  During the dinner, appetizers, and casino activities, we provided 2-plus hours of ragtime and jazz music from the 1920′s era, which fit in nicely with the Gatsby theme.  It was truly a great environment to experience at this awe-inspiring occasion, which our DJs and MCs were proud to help accomplish.  As the night built-up with momentum, this party was just beginning as we rocked the house with multiple genres of music hits that got the crowd moving.  This vibe continued as we counted down to New Year’s 2014!  Awesome!

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