Angeles Wedding Reception Rocked!

Fullerton, CA – November 2, 2013

Eric and Jenny Angeles celebrated their wedding ceremony in grand fashion at The Hotel Fullerton, located near Anaheim, CA on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon on November 2, 2013.  A beautiful wedding ceremony in the courtyard, which was flanked by the open bar area that led into the hotel, started the celebration off magnificently.   The ambiance of the ceremony and  selection of the new couple’s post-interlude songs kept everyone mingling afterwards.  It seemed as though there was a buzz in the air that everyone was really going to have a great time.  That proved to be an under-statement at the reception, where all of over 220 guests had more than a great time, we believe they had the best experience of any wedding reception of their life.  Once again Pro-Style Sound rocked this celebration and kept everyone in party-mode.  To date, this was one of the largest receptions we have done.  We were pleased and grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of Eric and Jenny’s special day!


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  1. Alvin, Ray, & Len did the audio, DJ’ing, lighting, and entertaiment for our wedding. These guys are good honest people that provide high quality work. The music was on cue during the ceremony, the dj’ing during the reception kept the guests engaged, the singing during the dining was soothing and pleasant, and the variety of dance music appealed to all of our guests. These guys know what they’re doing and are good at what they do.They were one of the brightest aspects of our wedding and I’m glad we hired them. Thank you again fellas!

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