Elegant Evening for Ehret-Tuason Reception

Long Beach, CA – November 24, 2012

The scene was The Reef on The Water Restaurant, located in the magnificent Long Beach harbor, where newlyweds Scott and Stephanie celebrated their beautiful wedding reception with friends and family. DJ Alvin and DJ Ray of Pro-Style Sound once again turned an ordinary ballroom into an elegant display of lighting, effects and music for all 220 guests in attendance at the Harbor View ballroom, where a glass wall provided a clear view of the Long Beach skyline as the backdrop behind the head table.

A 7-member band called “The Howlers” were spectacular and provided musical entertainment throughout the dinner, while Pro-Style Sound took over the latter part of the evening with playing a mix of genres that suited all tastes in music. The reception ended at 11:30pm, however judging by how many people were on the dance floor this party could have went until 2AM!

We wanted to provide ‘Scotty’ and Stephanie a memorable evening, and we certainly accomplished that. Pro-Style Sound provided blue and purple up-lighting for the event which displayed a very elegant effect, and the set-up included various dance lights. Controlled spot lighting was accomplished which added a nice touch to the reception. The spot-lit cake looked absolutely beautiful, located near the head table.

All in all we wish ‘Scotty’ and Stephanie the best,and congratulations to the two of them on their new life together — we are just so happy to be a part in making their day a special one!


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