Suh Wedding Reception – Fabulous!

Here’s some feedback from the Michael and Ann Suh wedding reception we provided DJ and music entertainment for on 9/25/2011. It was a great success, and one of the best receptions we’ve enjoyed.

“Even to this day people who attended our wedding are still talking about how great the entertainment. I was extremely grateful with how you helped me out when I needed to find a solution to our audio needs for the actual ceremony (we were told by the hotel caterer that there would be someone who could help us with our audio needs for the day of during the ceremony, but as time came close to starting the ceremony, that person could not be found along with the coordinator and eventually learned that the audio guy was off for the day). Even though we provided a short list of music to be played, the choice of music chosen by the dj staff was spot on. They were able to make the right song selections to keep the vibe of the room upbeat and energetic.
If you’re looking for an entertainment venue for your upcoming reception, party, or whatever group gathering you have in mind, Pro-style sound is the perfect choice. From their vast library of song selections to their live singing (and this guy is awesome) and mc’ing duties, your guests will not only be entertained but will definitely have a great time.

Both me and Ann are very grateful to you guys in helping make OUR day special.”

- Michael and Ann Suh

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